Scientist Admit Flu Shot Fails Every Year – Exposes Flaws

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The flu shot is one of the biggest scams the pharmaceutical company has ever developed. Year after year, this shot fails to meet the ambitious projections put forth by every mainstream media outlet. The media commonly praises the flu shot as one of man’s greatest accomplishments. How it is able to fail every year and yet come back in full force the next year is beyond comprehension. But that’s exactly what does happen.

The yearly trend of failures is continuing on this morning as is reporting that scientist have found the flaw in the flu vaccine (translation: it doesn’t work).

AMONG FLU VIRUSES, H3N2 is the one you should fear the most. It lands the most patients in hospitals. It kills the most people. Oh, and bad news: The flu shot has real trouble fighting it. Last year’s seasonal flu vaccine was particularly weak against H3N2. In fact, that keeps happening, year after year—and no one is really sure why.

So then what, if any, would be the point of taking a shot that admittedly doesn’t work against the primary illness? It is difficult to believe that this simple science (that’s how it is pitched) of “dead virus” injections into human bodies thwarting off enemy illness somehow changes when it comes to one particular flu strain. Why would this flu strain be different?  The answer is, it probably isn’t.

This article is essentially the excuse for “why” many people still get the flu even after the shot. It’s the justification for still getting the shot. It’s a pitch. Even hardcore proponents of flu shots have to question things when they end up with the flu anyways. But having information like this bled out into the world means justifying it. It’s flu vaccine makers saying “we’re on it,” in the same way an Amazon rep would react to you calling in about a missing shipment.

In the same article, look at what one scientist had to say about it.

But that does make H2N2 something of a mystery. “The longer I study the flu,” says Edward Belongia, an epidemiologist at Marshfield Clinic who did the meta-analysis, “the less I think I understand it.” (Wired)

Now, these are the same people telling you to get the shot. In fact, the article reads at one point, “still: get a flu shot.” Just consider that for a while. Why on earth would anyone want to get a shot that a scientist working on it claims doesn’t work? Flu shot marketing is outrageous: outrageously good…




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    “Mark Zuckerberg just slammed the anti-vaccination movement – Rob Price-Business Insider Feb. 19, 2015

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    God Bless you all. Stay safe and aware.

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