Mandatory, Refusing Flu Shots

Most Canadians Are Refusing Flu Shots. And It Gets Better….

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Photo by blehk

Why you ask? Well that answer may or may not surprise you. The stats came out in a new Angus Reid survey of shoppers at Drug Marts around Canada, where they were asked if they’d be getting a flu shot and to give reasons why if they weren’t. For some, they cited not have any confidence that it will work (surprise). For most, however, they figure if they simply wash their hands they stand a better chance at missing the flu than if they took a flu shot. And this rings happy to my ears, needless to say.

According to

A new Angus Reid survey done for Shoppers Drug Mart shows 54% probably won’t be lining up for one.

The reasons why vary; some are concerned about it’s effectiveness, but the overwhelming majority say proper hand washing is the best defense against picking up a virus.

Smart people, those Canadians. Of course, Canada’s Public Health Agency cites 12,000 hospitalizations and 3500 deaths a year due to the flu, so these Canadians who are refusing the shot can consider themselves to be living on the edge. And yes, Canada, just wash your hands, eat healthy, and you should be fine.

Photo by blehk