Flu Hysteria

1 Person In Maine Has Flu, ‘Mainers to do everything they can to protect themselves’

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The state of Maine is requesting that everyone make sure they get their flu shot today. Why? Because someone has the flu. And when I say “someone,” I mean literally one person. Flu, party of 1, your table is now ready. The details are better than the headline, so brace yourself. The Maine Department of Health and Human Services identified the single adult case. The person tested as having the flu at Mid Coast Hospital. It was determined that the person wasn’t vaccinated. The person was not required to stay at the hospital. Basically someone got a little sick, right? Wrong my friends. So so wrong…

According to WCSH6.

“This first case should serve as a reminder to Mainers to do everything they can to protect themselves this flu season” said Dr. Siiri Bennett, State Epidemiologist. “Vaccination is the most effective prevention method and we encourage Mainers to get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

Wait, what? A single person has a flu, which requires no hospitalization, and an entire state of people are being placed on emergency notice? I feel like Dustin Hoffman runs into the scene to save us from impending disaster. This can’t be real, you are thinking, but it is. Click on the article, see for yourself. It reads as if it is a headline from The Onion. Hopefully the people of Maine avoid this dire impending disaster. I plan to stay inside all day, wearing a mask.