Wilmington Hospital ‘Dog Tags’ The Vaccinated.

hospital photo
image credit: pixabay

When it comes to vaccinations in the United States, bullying and humiliation tactics are ever-present. We are commonly told to have undesirable feelings towards those who don’t get vaccinated, even past the flu vaccination. It’s a way of divide and conquer at its finest. If you can get the people to do the dirty work, the pharmaceutical company simply sends the commands to its soldiers¬†on the ground.

Christiana Care Health System’s flagship hospital in Wilmington isn’t even trying to hide their humiliation tactics. They’ve set up flu shot booths for staff and they engage in pinning those who have been vaccinated as a way to outcast those who choose to not participate. Of course, the goal here is to lead to bullying and peer pressure tactics. No one wants to feel like a pariah all day at work, so this tactic can prove pretty effective. According to, they¬†call it “tagging.”

“There’s a lot of advertising, a lot of excitement, there’s a lot of peer pressure,” says Dr. Marci Drees, the infection prevention officer and hospital epidemiologist for Christiana Care Health System.

“We all wear these tags that, you know, so everyone knows who’s been vaccinated and I think it just increases the visibility of the program and the excitement about it.”

Trying to paint it as “advertising” and “a lot of excitement” does little justice to how disturbing this tactic really is. This would make someone’s job almost completely unbearable if they were to choose not to get this flu vaccination. And that’s pretty sad. It’s blatant discrimination, but served up as human welfare.

And boy, they sure are proud, aren’t they?