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Has Pharma Created a “Flu Shot Shortage” To Scare People?

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Does anyone remember the past handful of years when new iPhones came out? Often times, we saw lines wrapped around buildings of people waiting to get an iPhone. It made no sense, of course, when you consider waiting in an obnoxiously long line rather than just waiting another day or few to get the product. But Apple marketing was brilliant. They created “shortages” of the iPhone, which caused a hysterical amount of people to run out and wait in line for the smart phone.

In a way, it’s basic marketing principles at their finest. Lower the supply, you increase the demand. Increasing the demand is the key to pushing the merchandise. Well, the same can be true when it comes to vaccines. An article this morning on Columbus’s news source, NBC4i.com, is reporting that flu vaccines, specifically the mist kind, are in shortage (story).

While health officials are urging you and your kids to get vaccinated, the ways to do so are currently more limited. A nationwide shortage of the FluMist or nasal spray flu vaccine is affecting the supplies in the Columbus area.

Decrease supply, increase demand. This article does two things really well. For starters, it decreases the supply of the product, the flu vaccine, causing people who were potentially on the fence to make a move. The second thing it does is decrease the supply of the non-injectable type of flu shot. Because many people are afraid of needles, this could leave procrastinators who may eventually pass on the vaccine to rush out and get the mist version “before it’s too late.”

Forgive me for not buying into this marketing and propaganda. It is difficult for me to believe that these vaccine makers aren’t in a position to move merchandise at a mass level whenever they need to. This all just seems a little too convenient for me to buy into.

Photo by TheeErin