Mandatory, Refusing Flu Shots

How To Get a Safer Flu Shot When Your Employer Forces It On You

flickr flu shot
Photo by USACE Europe District

If you’re reading this site, you likely are against flu shots, or you’re trying to decide if you will end up getting a flu shot. The good thing about both of those aforementioned points? You have an option. But that’s not always the case, unfortunately, when it come to “the land of the free.” Hospitals, military services and many jobs will force you to get a flu shot. And when they aren’t blatantly forcing a flu shot on you, they are bullying you into a not having an option. I mean, let’s be honest, some people end up losing their jobs for “other” reasons. At the end of the day, you just might be forced into it. For many, the option of being unemployed is a seemingly greater threat to their livelihood and family than just taking the shot (I know, it hurt to write that).

So what things can you do to make it a better situation if it is forced on you? There are a few things you can do to help make the situation a safer experience. But first, remember, this is a major vaccine. Don’t let them sweep it under the rug as some simple, routine experience. Don’t be shy, this is your health and well-being at stake. So what can you bring up or observe?

Discuss the amount of vaccine you are getting.

This is a great start. If the person inoculating you waivers, acts nervous, or doesn’t seem to know, kindly request to do it another day. You could tell your employer you are fine with the shot, but the person giving the shot seemed apprehensive over the matter. The person should be able to tell you the amount you should get, show you proof of that in the manual which they should have, show you in the syringe to cross reference. 

Make sure the needles lock (or hide, cover)

Needles should have a lock over the top of them. There should be a piece of plastic to cover them. This should prevent reusing needles. Ask to see the needle and if doesn’t seem right, ask for clarification over the matter.

Is the area clean?

If they are in your office conference room, are they washing their hands? Are they wearing gloves? Use your eyes, look around, observe the area. Don’t let them make you think that it’s just a simple flu shot, all the same rules should apply.