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Georgia CDC Admits Flu Cases Are Low

2945724127_b18b5f8eca_flu-shotFlu cases in Georgia and the rest of the country are being reported as low. Even the CDC is admitting such. But like with everything involving flu shots, there is always a “spin” waiting just around the corner.

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Georgia is already seeing some flu activity. A recent CDC report showed that while the state and the rest of the country have very low numbers of cases, Georgia’s level of influenza-like illness was higher than those of other states.

“We can’t read a whole lot into that (single report) because the numbers are so low,” Nancy Nydam, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Public Health, said. More recent figures on flu activity show Georgia in line with other states, she said.

Wait, you “can’t read a whole lot into that report because the numbers are so low…” How does that work? When the data doesn’t match your criteria for pushing more flu shots, the data is suddenly dismissive? This would seem to show that the flu, in and of itself, is overhyped. But somehow, this is spun to scare more people into getting shots. They are using this as an opportunity to get people in to get shots before the holidays. Using the holidays is a tactic to scare people into thinking they could be sick at a time that it is inconvenient to be sick (travel, family, etc.).

The article goes on to explain to people how to “get a free flu shot.” Because, sure, things in life are often “free.”

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