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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Flu Advice

image credit: instagram.com/p/8bdNqiCPex/
image credit: instagram.com/p/8bdNqiCPex/

Gwyneth Paltrow has long been known to turn to alternative medicinal solutions. She is also known to eat a healthy diet. That’s not always sat well with everyone, of course, who accuses her of being a tree hugger, Hollywood elitist. The facts in this case, however, are more clearly on her side. She looks vibrant and healthy. While she isn’t a Doctor, connecting the dots between her lifestyle, age and how she looks would seem to justify allowing her some influence. My point? I have always found her worth a listen.

This time, she’s caused a big stir by posting her regimine for getting rid of the flu.


All contagion aside… Going to hit it with heat #fluday5 #infraredsauna #clearlightsauna #iwilltryanythingatthispoint

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First off, reading this instragram, I am rather lost at what the actual issue is. To each their own, right? Wrong. Apparently the sheep came out in full force to attack the actress, accusing her of spreading misinformation. But it was Slate.com that lost their minds and put out one of the more ridiculous articles slamming her that I’ve ever seen written about someone who made what appeared to be a simple post about her life. The article is (here).

But many of Paltrow’s 1.3 million followers will get the flu this season, and I can only imagine the damage this dangerous advice could cause.

The flu is not something to treat as a hot topic with trendy med-spa treatments. It is a serious disease that kills people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 200,000 Americans are hospitalized with complications from influenza every year—and up to a quarter of these patients will die.

The writer, Alexandra Sowa, goes on to give her own advice which is to stay at home, drink water and call a Doctor. Of course, her giving advice is somehow supposed to be a tolerable and more worthy read for us all. Thanks.

Paltrow’s general holistic approach is what’s being attacked here. This writer (and many Instagram commenters) are clearly biased against her general outlook on medicine and illness. It’s rather ridiculous. These are the same people who line up for flu shots yearly, which prove every year to be totally ineffective.

image credit: instagram.com/p/8bdNqiCPex/