American Nurses Association Pushing Flu Vaccines On Nurses

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The American Nurses Association is calling for all nurse (registered) to get flu vaccinated. In addition, they want them to encourage their patients the same (because of course they do).

This according to Safety and Health Magazine.

The American Nurses Association is calling for all registered nurses to receive the seasonal flu vaccination and to encourage their patients to get vaccinated.

The vaccination rate for registered nurses during the 2014-15 flu season was 89 percent, slightly down from 90.5 percent during the 2013-14 season and up from 69.8 percent during the 2010-11 season, ANA stated, citing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data.

I wouldn’t be surprised if legislation is eventually written to force all hospital workers to get flu vaccinations. It’s the easiest place to breed any sort of legislation as the general public would embrace such an idea. While the downturn in nurse flu vaccinations is only slight, it’s important to see the small victory here. Nurses are amongst the heaviest marketed demographics when it comes to flu vaccinations, so to drop even slightly (or not gain) is a huge victory. Nurses are some of the most bullied when it comes to flu vaccinations, no job has more pressure and access to vaccinations, so 10% not doing it is a rather bold, impressive number. The glass is half full, folks.
Photo by timefornurses