Flu Hysteria

Flu Cases ‘Soaring,’ Vaccine Makers ‘Failed’ Again

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image credit: pixabay

I’m not the brightest when it comes to math, but this flu situation never seems to add up for me. Every year the flu seems to be “worse than ever” but every year more and more people get flu shots. So how does that work out? Take the case of Australia right now.

The Guardian is reporting that flu shots are up 93,000 this year, from 65,000 in 2014. And now the Federal Government’s national immunisation program is scrambling to get out a NEW flu vaccine which covers up to four strains. The Government is claiming that it’s delay in manufacturing was caused from insufficient supply (or what I think is them creating demand).

The health minister, Sussan Ley, said on Friday the higher number of cases could be because more people were taking their flu symptoms seriously and visiting a doctor for a diagnosis.

She said the new vaccine was consistent with World Health Organisation recommendations and meant “the best possible protection will be available free to the people who most need it”.

There is also a plan to have a vaccine for children under 3. It will be free to pregnant women and senior citizens, and the indigenous Australians. It is uncanny how they can constantly create a demand for this product by blatantly exposing their own failures in the matter. More people get flu shots, because, more people get the flu. When you consider the logic, it leads you down a rather perplexing path. There aren’t many products in the world that could get away with this. If iPhones just stopped working, no one would ever buy them. But a chemical shot you get injected with fails and no big deal. The entire marketing plan is to “get vaccinated” but you will most likely get it anyways and the flu manufacturer will just say “sorry.” Then, rinse, wash, repeat for next year. If so many people are getting a flu shot, why the heck is the number increasing at that massive of a rate?