Three Women Said NO to Company Flu Shots. Expect to be Fired.

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Megan Duncan, Alanda Watson and Denise Mercurius are employees of the Lutheran Social Ministries. This morning they are reporting to work, but they now fear they are going to be fired for not complying with mandated flu shots. Lutheran Social Ministries is an agency responsible for helping elderly and handicapped through the state of New Jersey.

This is consistent with a new trend that has employers either firing employees, or forcing them to wear masks on a daily basis. Corporate lawsuits, misguided science and lawyers are fueling this trend that has employees searching for new work, particularly in the health care industry. The interesting part of these three Lutheran Social Ministry employees is that they aren’t nurses or doctors or even work in a hospital. In fact, these women merely deal with billing and accounting issues. They claim to never have any contact with any of the folks being helped. This is creating the setting of a very bad precedent.

The women have stated that they don’t believe in the flu shot. They are also adverse to wearing surgical masks which would make them appear as outcasts and serve only to embarrass them.

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“This is insane,” said Watson, 36, a Willingboro resident who says she desperately needs her job to support her four children.

“It doesn’t make sense because they’re requiring the staff to wear a mask if we don’t get the vaccine, but we have vendors coming in all the time, and they’re not required to wear a mask or show proof of vaccination,” she said. “If families come to visit, they’re not required to wear a mask or show proof of vaccination. This is wrong.”

This is absolutely ridiculous if companies begin going down this road. Forcing flu shots on workers is absolutely criminal and flies in the face of our basic rights. If work places can now dictate what vaccines we take, then the Government can dictate to companies via tax breaks and intimidation. In other words, the Government itself could begin forcing companies to force them on the people. People need jobs to survive, so this would be as criminal as Government agents going door to door with flu shots. I really hope these women are able to get the law on their side in this matter, for the sake of all of us.
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