Hospital Workers Fighting Mandatory Flu Shots

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WVU Medicine and Mon Health System have combined to force flu vaccinations on all hospital workers. 900 workers may be forced to take a flu vaccine, or lose their jobs. The hospital will only make exemptions for those with allergies to the shot and those with religious reasons (no specifications have been set on how rigorous that process may well be). According to

A joint statement was released saying,¬†“Thoughtful consideration was given to the safety and personal preference during the development of this policy. Given the long-standing safety of the vaccine, our main concern as healthcare providers remains the protection of our patients,” said Frank Briggs, Pharm. D., M.P.H., WVU Medicine Vice President for Quality and Patient Safety.
This is unethical and a complete violation of rights!
“We got about 900 members at Ruby Memorial Hospital that are¬†going to be harmed with this vaccine,” said Chris Cordwell, Business Manager WVUH Laborers Local 814.
Union leaders filed a grievance but were denied by the hospital. Hopefully the Union takes this past the hospital itself. It makes you wonder what sort of kickbacks or “donations” receive for putting in place mandatory flu vaccines. It is illegal to fire someone based on whether or not they take shot medication. This just seems like an enormous lawsuit waiting to happen.