Flu Hysteria, Flu Shot Failure

Ball State University Students Refusing Flu Shots

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Students at Ball State University are declining to get flu shots. Last year, the University claims it had a pretty intense flu season, which they termed a “flu epidemic,” but that hasn’t sent a rush of students to the flu shot nurse. In fact, they just aren’t going in for them no matter how much the University pushed the propaganda.

Ball State University wants to believe it is just “youth” causing a great portion of their students to refuse the flu shot, but that might not be the entire case. While the University does it’s best to paint a picture of the young and naive, many students are just saying it flat out makes them sick.

According to Ball State Daily.

Some students refuse the vaccine because it makes them sick. Rachel Selke, a sophomore art education major, said her encounter with the flu vaccine was not a good one.

“Apparently, I have the rare thing [that] when I get a flu shot, I get the actual, full-blown flu,” she said. “It’s the only time I ever got the flu in my life, so I’m not going to be getting it again.”

The University had a nurse practitioner justify the resulting sicknesses, saying that the shot initially lowers the immune system so the students were probably already getting sick.

“When you get the flu vaccine, it does lower your immune system at first while it begins to work, so therefore if [you] were starting to get sick anyways it does make the symptoms more noticeable,” Moore said. “I will have patients say, ‘Well I did have a runny nose when I got the vaccine before.’ Then it is not the flu vaccine that caused you to be ill.”

A nurse practitioner going with the “coincidence” argument is both convenient and silly. The flu can be prevented by washing hands. But at the end of the day, there is no real tragedy in getting the flu and having the body run a little reset on itself.

Photo by ibm4381