NYC Moms Suing Over Mandatory Flu Vaccination

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New York City thought it was pulling a fast one when, in 2013, it added the flu vaccine to its list of 11 mandatory vaccines for public school children. The flu shot was not in the original writing of the law, which is leading to many outraged parents.

None more outraged than five mothers who have brought a lawsuit against the city of New York. The five moms are from parts of both Brooklyn and Manhattan. They are using the same argument that was used to overturn the soda ban: The flu shot was an addition, not a part of the original mandate.

“I am also disturbed that I cannot express my dissent to my elected representatives in the New York Legislature as I understand they never voted ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for this flu dictate and I don’t know who I can hold responsible for foisting this mandate onto me,” Clemence Rasigni, one of the moms, told the NY Post.

If these five mothers don’t get their children vaccinated by December 31st, their children will not be allowed to attend New York City public school and the families will be forced to make other arrangements. This is the future for families all over the United States if we aren’t careful.

The city is, of course, sticking up for the law. But there is no real question here that the addition of the flu vaccine to this list was slippery and devious (the mandate as a general principle is such as well). But this is just more proof that we are heading in severely bad directions. This could mean that vaccine legislation will just be amended to add on any vaccines pharmaceutical companies come up with. It will become an arbitrary scenario. We must stop this amendment strategy in its footsteps.