NYC Parents Defy Flu Shot Mandates at Preschool

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Parents of preschoolers who are supposed to be mandated to take flu shots are fighting back. Using delay tactics and petitions, the parents are hoping to put up a fight and delay, then eventually defeat, the mandatory vaccine bill. Remember, the flu shot vaccine was added in after the fact, which is likely to be of large legal importance moving forward.

Delay tactics, temporary home schools and a petition are following the lawsuit filed last week to halt Health Department rules requiring a flu shot or a live-virus nasal spray for children under 5 who attend city schools and day-care centers.

“I’m not anti-vaccination,” said Marialaina Mezzasalma, of Staten Island. “But I don’t feel anybody should tell me what to do with my children.”

The regulation takes effect Dec. 31, so Mezzasalma’s daughter Lexa, now 4, won’t go back to her pre-K classroom after the holiday break. (via NYPost)

According to the CDC, last year’s flu shot version was only 23 percent effective. And in my opinion, that’s in and of itself an exaggeration. Last year eight children died from flu vaccine complications, according to mainstream sources. Side effects include seizures and fevers. The spin is that the CDC is telling us that 146 people died from flu. The spin continues to influence a great many people nationwide, though the CDC is unlikely to own up to the reality of those deaths anytime soon. On the same hand, we’ve seen how quickly vaccine deaths are pushed aside as “cause undetermined.”

Other moms are having similar reactions, including Veronica Andrade, who said, “my kids, my choice…all the moms are upset.”

The real kicker comes with the intimidation of fines. Starting in January, fines ranging from $200 to $2000 will be issued to schools who don’t enforce the the flu shot. They could also lose their health care permits. This is the trickle down intimidation play. Let’s hope the new tactics being deployed by these moms will save this situation.

image credit: pixabay