Flu Hysteria

Uber Now Delivers Flu Shots

Photo by mighty.travels
Photo by mighty.travels

Just when you thought flu shot hysteria couldn’t get any more maddening? Well, it most certainly did. Uber, the fantastic ride sharing app used by millions all over the world in place of overpriced taxis, is now offering to deliver flu shots. For $10, you get 10 flu shots. The marketing is to those who may want to have a flu shot office party. It is difficult to believe, but this is truth.

Flu season is just around the corner and trying to squeeze in your latest immunization may not be on the top of your To Do List.

You’re not alone. The flu affects up to 20% of the population each year — but it’s preventable.  While vaccination remains the single best option, less than 50% of adults receive a flu shot.

Let us help you beat the bug. On Thursday, we’re bringing house calls back with UberHEALTH across more than 35 US cities. From 11 am until 3 pm we will be delivering wellness packs for $10. If you request and receive a wellness pack, you’ll also have the option to request a free flu shot from a registered nurse for up to ten people – at the single touch of a button. (Uber Press Release)

I am not even sure where to begin with this? So actually, I won’t. But just know, flu shots continually fail year after year, creating even larger marketing push from Pharmaceutical companies and the CDC. Clearly, they intend to take that marketing through the most modern products possible in order to convince people flu shots are the right thing to do.

Photo by mighty.travels