Flu Hysteria

Local Health Agencies Push Flu Shots On Pregnant Women

image credit: twitter
image credit: twitter

If you are on Twitter or Facebook, then it is unlikely you have missed the major push for flu shot hysteria being made by health agencies, the CDC and flu shot makers. But this week, I’ve noticed a marked uptick in pushing flu shots to pregnant women. Here is an example Tweet out of Michigan.


The fear mongering they are using on pregnant women when you click these links is disturbing and totally untrue.

If you’re pregnant, a flu shot is your best protection against serious illness and complications from the flu. This is the first paragraph from the CDC link being posted and advertised all over social media.

Flu is more likely to cause severe illness in pregnant women than in women who are not pregnant. Changes in the immune system, heart and lungs during pregnancy make pregnant women more prone to developing severe illness from flu, which can lead to hospitalization or even death. A pregnant woman sick with the flu also has a greater chance that her unborn baby will suffer serious problems, including premature labor and delivery.


Pregnant women go through a lot of hormonal changes and may experience feelings of insecurity. The CDC is playing to those insecurities, particularly the eventual fear mongering that the women will harm her precious baby. All women have anxiety over their unborn baby, so this campaign is particularly egregious.

It seems insane that a pregnant woman would opt to intentionally put formaldehyde, mercury and phenol into their bodies while pregnant. Pregnant women should remain as natural as possible, which certainly runs counterintuitive to taking a flu shot jab.
image credit: twitter