Flu Hysteria, Mandatory

Flu Shot Resistance Discrimination Is Real. And It Needs To Stop.

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Flu shot discrimination has become a contagious, un-monitored harassment all over our country. The longer it goes unchecked, the further it sinks its policy teeth into our very core. I’ve worked at offices before in corporate America and I can tell you that it has always been a bad situation. Human Resource employees commonly push flu shots on employees, convincing them that they are risking the general health of everyone inside the company with their “risky refusal” of the flu shot. This IS discrimination. There are no two ways around it. The only science proven regarding a flu shot is that it really doesn’t work, yet we force employees to get it or threaten them? We talk about discrimination with race, gender and ethnicity, so how is flu shot resistance not qualifying for the same label?

Companies tend to use the “herd” mentality as a way to create friction for those who choose to resist a flu shot. The company line is that “flu shots help keep everyone healthy,” which insinuates your refusal as being an aggressive act against others. Once the herd detects a defector, they commonly do the work for the company and the flu shot provider. Companies tend to bring flu shot companies on premise, making it incredibly obvious who does and does not receive the shot. In other words, the flu shot has become more of a mandate than a simple request. And that’s bad news.

The number of employees fired for resisting flu shots is impossible to count because most likely companies find other circumstances to fire the employee for. This is the common tactic in order to cull the herd of flu shot resisters. Nurses and healthcare workers are severely discriminated against, if they aren’t fired, they are forced to wear mask around the workplace much like wearing scarlet letters. Nurses, the people who have their fingers on the very pulse of our healthcare, refusing to accept flu shots should really tell us something about flu shots.

So can an employer force you to get a flu shot?

The answer is, kind of. The most susceptible to this issue are health care workers. Hospitals have been sued and lost for discrimination, so some precedent has been set to help flu shot refusers. In many cases, health care workers are given the option to wear surgical masks, which helps the hospital stay above board in terms of discrimination laws. But that doesn’t totally absolve them from creating issues for themselves as health care workers have sued.

In the basic office, it is a lot more complicated, which is why the common practice is to use the herd to bully you. Non-healthcare jobs could use “at will” employment as a means to execute termination of employees who refuse the flu shot. So yes, it is possible, but not as likely. What’s most likely is you being terminated for “other” reasons.

In any case, if you feel that you are being discriminated against, it is best to contact an attorney regarding the matter. Don’t hesitate in exercising your rights. The flu shot should not be forced on anyone who doesn’t want it. No company should force you to inject your body with chemicals you don’t approve of. Even if you believe in taking the flu shot, you should most certainly understand this basic human right. Allowing companies to force flu shots on the people is just creating an indirect wing of the Government. Clearly, if you can’t make a living, you have to change your mindset and potentially take the shot: that’s the logic. Rather than create a mandatory law, simply put the common man or woman out of work.

At the end of the day, I see this discrimination as a growing facet of our society. Pharmaceutical companies stand to lose a lot of money from flu vaccine refusers. In other words, I see the push to force the workforce to vaccinate increasing unless we take action.

image credit: pixabay