Flu Hysteria

Most Americans Do Not Get The Flu Shot

fotolia flu shot
image credit: fotolia / Sherry Young

Most Americans are smarter than the flu shot marketing that attempts to cause yearly hysteria. A new survey shows that 64% of Americans do not receive the shot, mostly due to not taking the hysteria marketing seriously. According to the Tampa Bay Review.

As per a recent survey that the National Public Radio Service Announced, Americans still have shunned the flu vaccination. Over 3,000 female and male adults were surveyed in the study and 64 percent of them opt to not go for Flu vaccine and around 50 percent have the fear that there would be complications after this shot. People having allergic reactions may opt for variations for combating the flu.

This has been driving Doctors and the CDC crazy, of course, who seem incentivized by people taking the shots. Pharmaceutical companies who distribute the flu shot vaccine are also none too pleased. This has meant louder than usual marketing pushes to get people in to take the shot. Many people are opting to lead a more healthy lifestyle as preventative measures against the flu. While others just aren’t allowing the flu marketing hysteria to work them up.

The flu isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good way for the body to reset itself. If you get the flu, drink plenty of fluids, eat nutrient dense foods, and look into some good old fashioned hot teas. Your grandparents had it correct. Hype machine flu marketing only serves to help the rich pharmaceutical companies get richer. These people, companies and agencies are not looking out for your best interest. It is a great thing to see more and more people understanding this. If you have to force people to take flu shots or else they lose their jobs, what does that tell you about the product they are forcing on you?
image credit: fotolia / Sherry Young