Flu Hysteria

Man Gets Charged Over $100 For Flu Shot.

I caught this letter a man wrote into the Swtimes.com whereas a man describes paying over $100 for his son’s flu shot. I felt the need to pass this on.

Excessive medical charges you betcha. The middle of October my son had a routine check up with his APN at a Mercy Clinic. After the check up, he asked for and received a flu shot. Later, he received an EOB from his insurance company listing charges for the flu shot. The vaccine was $62, to put the shot in his arm was $43, and a total of $105 for one shot. The excess — in a weekly newspaper we receive from a near by town there was an ad for a family pharmacy: “Get Your Flu Shot” with your insurance charge or $25 cash. He could have made the round road trip there and had money left over. Excessive medical charge, you betcha.

Ray Ward

Van Buren

Talk about getting taken to the proverbial cleaners, this experience takes the cake. $43 to inject the shot? Stories like this aren’t uncommon and consistently prove exactly what I always say, this flu shot hysteria is completely profit driven. It fails on an annual basis and suffers very little repercussions. It literally reinvents itself each following year with a new hysteria based marketing plan. Someone essentially paid $100 for chemicals and futility. Even at $25 with insurance it is just crazy. Drink water, eat healthy, exercise, avoid unhealthy things, and you should be all good.

image credit: pixabay