Flu Shot Failure

Research PROVES Flu Shot Doesn’t Decrease Mortality In Elderly

image credit: pixabay

Research proves the flu shot is a failure. And this time it is proving to fail in one of the most “reliable” demographics for the flu shot industry, the elderly. No group of people are more sought after to push flu shot vaccines to than the elderly, mostly due to their often misunderstanding of what it actually is. But guess what? It fails them. Check out this study from ScienceDirect.

We investigated trends in influenza-related mortality among the elderly population in Italy associated with increased vaccination coverage. Using Italian vital statistics data, we studied monthly death rates for pneumonia and influenza and all-cause for persons ≥65 years of age by 5-year age groups for 1970–2001. Using a classic seasonal regression modelling approach, we estimated the age-specific seasonal excess mortality rates among Italian elderly as a measure of influenza-related deaths. We studied trends in excess mortality after adjusting for population aging and analyzing separately seasons dominated by the severe A/H3N2 subtype and those dominated by other circulating influenza subtypes. After the late 1980s, no decline in age-adjusted excess mortality was associated with increasing influenza vaccination distribution primarily targeted for the elderly. These findings suggest that the vaccine failed to protect the elderly against mortality (possibly due to immune senescence), and/or the vaccination efforts did not adequately target the frailest elderly. As in the US, our study challenges current strategies to best protect the elderly against mortality, warranting the need for better controlled trials with alternative vaccination strategies.

Elderly people are often intimidated into flu shots, or the flu shot is worked in with a series of other medications. In addition, and sadly, many elderly folks aren’t in a position mentally to understand what the flu shot actually is.

Elderly people who want more flu protection would be better off being placed on a healthy diet, drinking tea and water and exercising. The flu shot needlessly exposes the flu shot to elderly people. It compromises them. But for flu shot manufacturers, their demographic is easy prey. The elderly are even more valued now that there is a flu shot acceptance decline among the general masses, caused from years of flu shot failures.


image credit: pixabay