Flu Hysteria, Flu Shot Failure

CDC Says Get Flu Shot Or Ruin Christmas

image credit: youtube.com/watch?v=9tIcnydrwFY
image credit: youtube.com/watch?v=9tIcnydrwFY

Christmas is just around the corner and as if we all weren’t stressed enough, the CDC pretty much says we may ruin Christmas if we don’t all run out and get a flu shot today. The justification being that flu shots take two weeks to “kick in” and if we don’t do it right now, we may infect our entire families with a crippling flu.

The Centers for Disease control in Atlanta is urging people to get vaccinated now.

“It takes about two weeks after getting vaccinated to be protected.” Dr. Ray Strikas with the CDC told KRMG.

Talking politics with your old uncle ruins Christmas. Falling down off a ladder while trying to hang gaudy eyesore lights ruin Christmas. Sometimes, even fake Santas ruin Christmas.

Not getting a flu shot does not ruin Christmas. But do you know who similarly “sits on a throne of lies” (that’s my favorite Elf line)? The CDC when they claim “So far, the CDC is optimistic and the data supports that the vaccines available are good matches,” Dr. Strikas. Oh well now that changes everything!

The CDC will use any opportunity they can to push these failed shots on us. Not even Christmas is off limits. Very grinch-like, CDC. What we should be doing, instead, is focusing on a year long healthy diet and exercise program which supports immune health and better prepares us to fight off the flu. We should also not worry that much about getting the flu, it is a natural body reset which allows us to become stronger. We don’t need to always avoid everything we perceive as ailing us (except people who cut in line at the mall around now). We should embrace an occasional flu. If we do get the flu, we can drink a lot of water and eat some oranges and maybe even sweat some of it out. Or we can choose to be grinches and tell everyone to go get a shot proven over and over to be a failure. The CDC is like that one family member who tries to send you the edgy, cool, new wave Christmas card but ends up failing. The CDC has failed Christmas.

Don’t be a grinch, folks. And Happy Holidays.