Flu Hysteria

This App Will Poison You With A Flu Shot For Free

image credit: pixabay

We have national flu week. We have bitter co-workers telling us that we are risking life or death of cubicle farms if we don’t get a flu shot. We have jobs telling workers, “you’re fired,” for refusing to get a flu shot. And now we have an app to help us, well, get a flu shot. Because of course we do.

Pager, an app that’s tagline is “there’s a Doctor in the house,” will now come to you and give you a flu shot.

According to NBCSandiego.com.

San Diego is among the six U.S. cities, including New York, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale and Dallas, where Pager is launching the flu shot option first, the San Diego Union-Tribune has reported.

Since 2014, Pager has provided users in New York and San Francisco with urgent care at a push of a button. While that same feature has not been rolled out in San Diego, the app could expand here next year, according to the Union Tribune.

The free flu shots are available until Friday. You need to download the app, sign up for the free account, confirm your location and then click the ‘flu shot’ button.

What amazes me the most is, why doesn’t the Government fund sending dietitians out to our houses upon request with free whole foods? I mean first it was Uber, now this app, yet in all the mayhem, not one delivery service delivers free apples and a pamphlet telling you how you can naturally help prevent the flu. The solution has no profit in it. We jump through hoops to push pharmaceuticals down people’s throats in every way possible, but we consistently refuse to help people lead actual healthy lives. Really consider that for a moment.

This is just another example of something taking advantage of a flu hysterical society. It’s completely laughable, really.

image credit: pixabay