Flu Hysteria

Study Finds Many Americans Think Flu Shots Are Crap

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The holidays are upon us. So if I haven’t said so already, Happy Holidays to you all. But not everyone is pushing holiday greetings this year. Instead, they are pushing flu shots. Workplaces, the CDC, articles guilt tripping us into thinking if we go to the mall without a flu shot we are putting the world at risk, are just a few sour examples. But even in the midst of global flu hysteria, humans are still not swayed that flu shots do a darn thing.

An article published in the Sac Bee cites a survey showing that a whole lot of people think the flu shot is just crap. The Harris Poll online survey used 2,225 people (adults).

…less than half of those surveyed _43 percent_said they strongly believed a flu vaccination would help protect them from the illness and nearly a third _32 percent_said they didn’t think it would.

32% of people don’t think your product works. This means your product has some problems. Mostly, people do read the reviews these days and the annual flu shot reviews are next to awful. They are chock full with excuses for why it didn’t work (a different flu strain, usually). In addition, flu shot pushers rely on “it is still the best method we have for preventing the flu or…symptoms of the flu” as their main discourse. But is it? Of course not.

If you get the flu, treat the symptoms with rest and by drinking a lot of water. Hot teas, oranges, avoiding processed foods, are more ways to treat them. Make some homemade bone broth or soup. Sticking a shot of the flu into your body makes absolutely no sense in terms of treatment or prevention. The flu really is just your body resetting itself.
How bad was last year’s flu product?

The medical community shoots for an effectiveness rate of about 60 percent. Last year’s rate was particularly low: 23 percent.

Can you name any other product that would be viable if its success rate were 23%? It is amazing how the flu shot, as a product, continues to thrive.